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Rich business woman


One thing we can all agree on is that female entrepreneurs don't get enough press -- even the successful ones.

Wealth-X found the wealthiest women...

Here's a guest post from Mary Fernandez, a visibility strategist who helps entrepreneurs stand out online.

She's also created a handy guide that will Rich business woman you discover how to skyrocket your online presence. There's no "magic pill" that effortlessly launches you out of your cubicle confinement and into the free world of entrepreneurship.

For some, the dream to be your own boss grows for a long time, even years, before it finally comes to fruition. We asked some of our favorite women entrepreneurs to share how they got their start in business. Their answers revealed the "Rich business woman" motivators and personal qualities that drove them to make their big idea a reality.

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Rich business woman reading about how they grew their businesses over the years, our goal is that you'll identify a similar entrepreneurial seed, within yourself. Rather, it was borne out of necessity.

After 13 years mastering my craftI was still an employee and I simply had reached a ceiling of how much money I Rich business woman earn in my career.

Instead of giving up, I started to develop a deep sense of passion for motivating and educating myself to reach greater heights in business and income.

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