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Every day and all around the world, our athletes train and strive to achieve their very best. At World Games, the entire Special Olympics Movement comes together to see our athletes in action and celebrate their victories over huge odds.

No other organized event in the world has the social and emotional impact of the Special Olympics World Games. For the athletes and their families, the experience opens doors to unimagined possibilities.

For volunteers, coaches and other supporters from all parts of the world, the Games inspire hope and belief in a brighter future of global acceptance, understanding and unity. They take place every two years and alternate between Summer and Winter Games. The Games can be the world's largest sporting event of the year.

Thousands of athletes, coaches, volunteers and supporters attend to see and cheer the skills and accomplishments of people with intellectual disabilities.

The World Games feature more than a week of grueling, yet inspiring, competition among thousands of athletes. Through media coverage of the Games, the stories and achievements of our athletes are seen by millions of people worldwide. All around the world, our athletes train for months ahead of the big event.

I'm going to win and be a champion. The bravery of athletes at World Games inspires participating nations and brings much-needed attention to the conditions of people with intellectual disabilities within their borders.

At the same time, the World Games offer a chance for Best free dating sites 2019 olympics cross-cultural conversations about how to foster inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. Athletes, familiesvolunteersworld leaders and Special Olympics celebrity ambassadors meet at the Games to attend policy summits, exchange ideas and talk to the public about the life-changing transformations Special Olympics brings about in participants and communities.

Minsk is the host city...

The World Games also create change within the countries that host them. World Games stimulate local economies and create momentum for citizen engagement by promoting grass-roots volunteerism. One example came in Ireland during the World Games, when 30, people from all over the country volunteered to work at Games in Dublin.

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