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Women have sex wife anmails

Humans having sex with animals...

You used to live there. And do not do what the people of Canaan do. I am bringing you into their land. Do not follow their practices.

14 “ 'Do not bring...

Be careful to follow my rules. I am the Lord your God. The one who obeys them will benefit from living by them. I am the Lord. Do not have sex with her. She is your mother.

That would bring shame on your father. It does not matter whether she was born in the same home as you were or somewhere else. That would bring shame on you.

She was born to your father. She is your sister. She is your aunt. That would bring shame on your brother. They are close relatives on her side.

Having sex with them is an evil thing.

All of these studies report...

Do not do it while your wife is still living. That would be treating my name as if it were not holy. A woman must not offer herself to an animal to have sex with it. That is a wrong use of sex. The land itself threw out the people who lived there. You must not do any of the things I hate.

It does not matter whether you are Israelites or outsiders. It will get rid of you just as it got rid of the nations there before you. Then you must be separated from your people. When you arrive in Canaan, do not follow any of the practices of its people. I hate the things they do. All rights reserved worldwide. You'll get Women have sex wife anmails book and many others when you join Bible Gateway Plus.

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