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Exes always come back when you move on


Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of It's inevitable to happen to you atleast once.

The Real Reason Why Your...

Sometimes you break it off, sometimes its mutual, and sometimes you get dumped I did this the first two times a girl cut me off and let me tell you they never came around again Want your ex back? Want her to come back literally pleading? For all the guys getting out of a relationship feeling bad, DONT. This is the truth. No contact no nothing. Before I ignored her I couldn't get a return text.

Now she's looking for me like I have her paycheck. One thing that kills both sexes is no closure. That's why when you come back groveling, it only confirms one thing they've thought all along; you are not the "man" you projected yourself to be and you are less-than-suitable for her.

She wants to know she has made you less than you were when you met her, gives her some sick sadistic pleasure that she had you completely.

But when you move on and are happy, nothing rips Exes always come back when you move on apart more than you living your life. Remember, living well is the best revenge. But yes, they do usually come back. It's figuring out her motive that is important.

I've had alot of exes...

Originally Posted by MacMan I agree completely, and have experienced the exact same result, without fail. Now, they might come back for attention, they might come back to try to rain on your parade, they might come back for sex, and they might come back to try to fix things, but damnit, they always come back. Originally Posted by The Main Event. Love u all guys for the support u gave me in the other thread We used to be gorillas. All we had is what we could take and defend. Originally Posted by Brahesthetics.

Originally Posted by Nocturnal Originally Posted by HayZues Christi.

What if its a chick you dated for weeks? Originally Posted by bjj Originally Posted by Virten. This should be stickied, for all the young grasshopers.

If you are asking yourself,...

Add 1 more who learned this from experience. Dropped her, hooked up w one, started seeing another one. Ex found out about both, took her a week or 2 to come crawling back. Took her back cause I didn't know better at the time.

Originally Posted by DocHol1day. Originally Posted by gooober. Originally Posted by DemetriaF. Sadder part is when this girl actually marries the dude, then wakes up to realize.