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Wot ram 2 matchmaking


Could only use a gif Yes it's brilliant, expect to one shot KV3s and Tiger Ps with ease. Only if Wot ram 2 matchmaking have 10hp left, you're behind them, ten feet away and have Apcr. IS6 or T59, both have preferential mm aswell so you'll only see T9.

Like several other premium tanks, particulary low tier ones, the Ram II is fantastic when it's top tier. But since the Ram has no preferential matchmaking, it will get slaughtered Wot ram 2 matchmaking it gets into a one-on-one with a tier 7.

Be careful and avoid brawling with tier 7's, they will out-DPM you easily. If you want a tier 5 premium with preferential matchmaking, try the Excelsior or Matilda Black Prince. Dicker max is a very poor TD that only the very best players can work. At15a is noob friendly and not too expensive. IS6 is the easiest of the tier 8s to play. Just got the ram and the excelsior, not played the ram much but looks good but against tier 7 it'll be tough.

The excelsior feels like a more mobile T14 and I like it very much! Church III is good and earns too. The normal church has good earning values but the T at tier 6 has one of the best non premium earning ratios in game, competes even in tier 8 and Wot ram 2 matchmaking teach you stong skills to use in other lines.

I love my Churchill III! I'd say it's noob friendly too - being slow means you can't get into trouble as quickly! It's also reasonably tough and pen is good. I'm a fan - can you tell?

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