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Xkcd dating age gap


Is there an XKCD comic for that yet? This comic highlighted the Standard Creepiness Rule, a. I would never consider dating someone under 21! Note that you can easily just change the axis labels in the above chart and it works just as well for women. It just so happens that Christian Rudder released his book Dataclysm Xkcd dating age gap week, which features a chart showing us the age range that men search on OkCupid for when looking for women to date.

One of my first thoughts when I saw this chart was: Not in the book, but he does cover it in a blog post: Sorry you feel that way, Bob. I Xkcd dating age gap no such crossings of the creepy line in the mids. Nothing more disturbing than being a young and attractive 25 year old with an ugly 35 year old thinking he deserves you.

The people who are Xkcd dating age gap are likely those types of creepers. A 20 year old guy searching for a 28 year old woman is creepy? This chart has a lot of flaws, generalities and other bull shit.

This is talking about what age people seek for, there is limited time and it makes sense to seek for people who are closer to your age as there is a higher chance you will connect. This pre screening and rapid judgement IS what makes us human.

I was 21 when I met my future wife, who was Some girls like older men, some men like younger women and the reverse happens as well, of course. This website is retarded. There is nothing creepy about guys getting dates with other women, dispite the age difference. Grow a fucking spine. Actually, this is pretty accurate.

Just because you, as a man, do not agree with it, maybe you should check with your female friends.

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The article is spot on. I know girls who have dated and eventually married guys years older than them and been perfectly happy. They see it as being with someone more financially secure than your average mids guy tends to be. Meaning, for example, year-old women on OKCupid generally are receptive to year-old men. Or at least you become invisible to anyone under They are my graphs, but the data is from OkCupid. I would like to stress Xkcd dating age gap distinction between relationships and dating.

Dating is a screening and weeding process — subtractive and applied to a population; a relationship may develop in an additive process as well, meaning a previously platonic friendship becomes romantic.

The creepiness rule applies to dating Xkcd dating age gap because the process is one of finding fault in order to winnow the population.

If you know someone and fall in love, things Xkcd dating age gap age and gender are irrelevant — you just want to add him or her into your life. Sweetie, that may be your hint either up your standards if you are decent looking or just go back to hiding under your bed curled up in the fetal position as your pick of men is just very limited…which may be a good thing.

I find your hostility curious. Other than a hilariously misdirected and content-free ad hominem attack, you have contributed nothing to the discussion. This is a perfect example of how female-identified voices are regularly attacked online merely for expressing an opinion.

This is a regular occurrence for women on all sorts of platforms, not just Xkcd dating age gap sites and not just when the subject is sex or gender relations. Anonymous intimidation techniques, both pictorial and verbal, are indicative of the pathetic weakness of those who have neither the capacity to make a real contribution to the discussion nor the emotional maturity to realize that they should just STFU and concentrate on the talent they do have for every one of us has some talent, however tiny and sad.

Young men, especially Xkcd dating age gap ones who consider themselves the best catches, have a sense of entitlement to rival that of Wall Street and, of course, the overlap between the two on the Venn diagram is populated by the worst of the worst. Given this stark reality, it "Xkcd dating age gap" surprise exactly no one that women approach dating online with a mixture of caution, frustration and disgust. While this attitude is not absent in older men, as with most youthful stupidity, successful men either grow out of it or learn not to embarrass themselves quite so much in public: I advise you to grow up and realize that you may actually get a date if you follow in the footsteps of your betters and develop some circumspection and self-awareness.

Ask yourself if your immature attitudes are making you more or less attractive and you may figure out why women who keep rejecting you. Resentment is hardly a pretty look on a boy. Your entire post is dripping with self-unaware hypocrisy and projection. Still contributing nothing but unsubstantiated insults? That last line was an eye opener.