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Seungri dating g dragon


This is no fan fiction and I am not a troll. So, what you guy think about this couple? From that post I can't really understand why you think they are dating Can you explain it better? Well, There was this show called Danny from LA where all kpop artist get interview by him.

They always talk shit about G-Dragon in his show. At first he was hating but know I did researching about why he is hating G-Dragon. I read some where G-Dragon went to gay bar with Seungri which was scandal on I don't think they are dating for real. I think they are Seungri dating g dragon - I get the feeling Seungri kind of looks up to GDragon, and G-Dragon looks after the youngest member of his group as he always has to but now they are both older there is more of a mutual level of respect between them.

I don't know what goes on behind the scenes of course, but that's the feeling I get. That and Seungri couldn't get Seungri dating g dragon more straight.

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Well, Jiyong made up his and Seungri's ship name Nyongtory. Sorry all you GTop fans lol. You are the biggest and worst troll I have come across. Damn not even any effort.

No-one takes you seriously here. I think that on NAN Seungri said couples do this, so maybe! If they are and Seungri dating g dragon is happy, then i say woohoo! Specially being from LA, he should be so used to gay people. Tue Aug 13, 9: Fri Apr 04, 1: Sun Aug 18, 9: Sun Jun 16, Tue Oct 15, Learn how to make your photos stand out! Page 1 of 1.

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