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Muslim dating site parody of problem


Amidst a fake atmosphere of intolerance being created Muslim dating site parody of problem India in the last one month, I owe my version of what I, a Muslim lady, living and working in India feel like.

This has been due from me since sometime. Now, I feel the water has gone above the head and I too need to share my views. So, here it is. I am an Indian Muslim woman, a practising dermatologist by profession and I run my own high-end laser skin clinic in Bangalore.

I was brought up in Kuwait and at the age of 18, came to India to pursue medical education.

It never led to an...

I decided to stay back in India while almost all my friends left India for greener pastures. Not even once did I consider that being a Muslim could create a problem for me, as my sense of nationalism held me back to my roots and so here I am, living in my country since the last 20 years. I studied in Manipal, Karnataka. I lived alone like all students do. While I was in college, all my professors were Hindus and almost all the people who I would interact with were Hindus as well.

There is not a single incident when anyone showed partiality towards me based on my gender or religion.

Every single one of them was kind and in fact sometimes, I felt as though they made an extra effort to make feel like I Muslim dating site parody of problem one of them.

I am ever so grateful to all of them for making my life in Manipal as comfortable as it could get. After leaving Manipal, I relocated to Bangalore with my husband. By then I had been married and so we decided to make our life in Bangalore.

There is a reason why we chose Bangalore and here is where I will talk about my husband. He is a Muslim too, with a very typical first name--Iqbal. He is an aerospace engineer with a M.

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You name it and be assured that he has visited all of them without any hassles. Not even once he has been stopped or asked for special security clearance or any such bias has been shown towards him.

And NO, things have not changed even after Modi government came to power. Things are in fact more disciplined and streamlined even in government organizations, from what I hear from my husband. We literally received a letter from the German Muslim dating site parody of problem that he has been cleared and is not any more under suspicion.

Talk about Muslim paranoia! It's very understandable too, due to the current situations in the world. My husband is highly respected and loved by the people he works with, and all of them happen to be Hindus.

None of this has changed even in recent times, so intolerance is just a word for us on a practical basis. I opened my clinic last year, just before Modi government came to power. I am a law-abiding citizen and I file my taxes like service tax on a monthly basis. I have never indulged in any activities, which could put me Muslim dating site parody of problem any kind of trouble.

Digging into Muslim post-memes I...

I am comfortably running my clinic, which is doing very well, thanks to all my patients and clients, who all happen to be Hindu while a handful of my patients are from other communities.

My entire staff is Hindu, and believe me when I say that they take better care of my clinic than I could, any day! I interact with bankers, government officers and with so many people on a daily basis. Not even once in the last 20 years, did I have the need to even think of leaving India! My entire family lives abroad and all that I need to do is just decide that I don't want to stay here.

I have open offers of opening clinic Muslim dating site parody of problem Kuwait, which would fetch me huge amount of revenue and yet why should I stay in India, if I am not happy and if I am facing any kind of bias? Yes, despite being in Kuwait for the last 40 years or so, my family is still considered as expatriates, with no rights.