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Josh hutcherson dating a guy


I really love women. I think the entire notion of labels confuse the individual. In terms of categorizing, perhaps they do help us understand, but people are pretty much people and sexual preferences do fluctuate over time. I think when I was in my teens my own was a bit more fluid than it is these days.

But now I am gay and loving it. Never an ounce of attraction to the opposite sex. Even those who DID have sex with women because they had been closeted and married said they were never attracted to their wives and had to think about guys to get off. I lived in a relatively large city 3. And again, even the people I know who DO identify as bisexual always knew it.

You will still have Gay fans. And straight is fine by me. What a bunch of self-hating queens! Doquinn76, your comment is "Josh hutcherson dating a guy" heightist. You should be ashamed of your attack on short-of-stature brothers-in-arms. Are taller people somehow more valuable than the shorter ones? I find that a bit offensive. Hutcherson sounds similar to my 2 brothers. I find it most disturbing how cynical many folks are in the comment section of this. Way To Go, Josh!

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The level of cynicism I see from many comments posted on this website is often quite disturbing to me…. In context of his lifehe is one of the most vocal straight actors when it comes to equality, etc. His statement only furthers my respect for him.

At a minimum it shows that he demonstrates little or Josh hutcherson dating a guy prejudice against being gay or men liking men. Then I met a girl doing summer theatre and fell in love with her. It was terrifying to have that feeling, because…well…I was GAY! She had known for years, too. And neither of us understood the attraction.

I always wonder what would have happened. We have to stop thinking of sexuality in our community as being rigid because we are quickly becoming even more hateful, exclusive and discriminating Josh hutcherson dating a guy the heterosexual world. What does criticism of this comment have to do with cynicism or close-mindedness?

Humans are forever in a constant state of evolving through periods in life…a prime example is Chastity to Chaz Bono when sharing a life with a ex-Lesbian girlfriend. The deeper issue is the repeated badgering of the gay press when interviewing a gay-friendly celebrity to gain readership and that includes the hopeful delving into there private lives…still.

Does any intelligent reader care about it now that social sexual stigma barriers have mostly been broken down?

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