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Our way of travelling has particularly changed recently, becoming a reflection of the interests of people nowadays and, above all, reflecting the way we understand relaxation and the contemporary manner of "Belen vera raya dating" our leisure time.

The main reason for travelling is usually to escape from monotony and forget about work and everyday life. A worthwhile trip is one that has some substance, that makes us face up to a genuine reality, that involves learning, development, the stimulation of the five senses, etc. After all, human beings have always sought to feel alive and one of the most invigorating ways of achieving this is to experience the sensation Belen vera raya dating travel.

Extremadura is a unique area; a place that has balanced development with the conservation of natural spaces, the preservation of local identities and traditions and the protection of its historical heritage and folklore as a living inheritance.

This is a land of contrasts. By making just short trips it is possible to transform any route into a true journey through history and mark every trip with different backdrops, with the change from one landscape to another.

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From the leafiness of its mountain ranges and deciduous forests to the vast horizons of its steppe areas, from Roman times to the era of Muslim domination, from the extensive and omnipresent meadows to some of the largest wetland Belen vera raya dating in Europe, from medieval historic districts trapped in time, to suggestive Renaissance and Mudejar surroundings.

Every weekend in Extremadura is a choice in which nothing is foregone. A safe bet that has its best guarantee in the varied richness of its regions. A destination that makes a short break a true journey. Our starting point, to go from Coria or Moraleja, will be Cilleros, village located at the foot of the Gata mountain range, famous in the whole of Extremadura for its wine and vineyards. Among other buildings, we can visit the parish church of Ntra.

From Cilleros, on the rural road EX —we can see the Castle of the "Belen vera raya dating" of Trevejo, a large Arab fortress, around which the village grew.

The village has been declared of Cultural Interest and Belen vera raya dating displays an example of beautiful popular mountain architecture. A few kilometres away is the village of Villamiel, which has an interesting Palace of the Dean from the 17th century, the parish church of La Magdalena is 16th century and has some curious inscriptions and popular sayings on its walls.

This route will allow you to see magnificent examples of popular mountain architecture, where chestnut wood-framed buildings are the most typical. Some of the most important historical buildings are mediaeval, the castles and churches are outstanding; of great beauty and historical importance.

From Valverde del Fresno, again on the Ex — rural road, we reach Hoyos, with important noble buildings; summer residence of the bishops of Coria.

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Further south on the road that goes from Moraleja to Ciudad Rodrigo, we will stop in the village of Perales del Puerto, located in the heart of this mountain "Belen vera raya dating" where the pine trees and the oaks reign, it has. In the centre of the village there are beautiful typical corners, and we can highlight the Main Square Plaza Mayor with its beautiful arches. Continuing our route to the most western part of the Gata mountain range, visiting the village of Eljas, with its 14th century castle reformed in later centuries.

Very near Eljas is the border village of Valverde del Fresno, just next to Portugal. Which proudly preserves some very As well as its altarpiece dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin.

Going back a few kilometres on the C — road to the intersection that will take us to Torre de Don Miguel, so we can Belen vera raya dating this typical mountain village with important 16th.

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Behind the church one can see some beautiful Gothic pointed Belen vera raya dating and the famous and original Casa de la Mujer Panzuda.

The church of San Pedro, built between the 16th and 16th centuries. The landscape from these heights is unforgettable. In Torrecilla de los Angeles, near the river Tralgas. A nearby natural swimming pool located in a beautiful site on the Rivera de Gata, is the natural prologue to one of the most charming campsites in northern Extremadura. We must not forget the interesting hermitage of El Cristo. It has typical streets and alleys. Going west we will come to Gata, with its excellent examples of popular mountain and religious architecture such as the parish church of San Pedro, with its excellent Raredos made by the sculptor Pedro de Paz.

From its attractive Main Square we can see the majestic Crest of Juan El Hospitalario was built in the 16th century. Robledillo de Gata is the last village on this route, and perhaps the most attractive and picturesque of the Sierra de Gata, declared of Cultural Interest.

The perfect preservation of its buildings, some of which are now rural lodgings, with beautiful wood frames, passages, bridges and tunnels, is one of its main attractions, being a most Belen vera raya dating collection of buildings.

In this part of the village there are also some. In the outskirts of the village there is a quiet natural swimming pool surrounded by beautiful landscape. The oranges from the numerous fruit orchards are also excellent. This is "Belen vera raya dating" authentic paradise for wild mushrooms during a large part of the autumn and winter. The Sierra de Gata region has a large variety of wild mushrooms that the good local cooks can turn into succulent dishes.

Lamb and above all kid are the preferred meats traditionally for stews and other dishes such as grilled meat. There are also good cured sausages embutidos and home made hams. The local olive oils are also magnificent, some of the best in Extremadura, like the cheeses. Magnificent woodcarving in Valverde del Fresno, and lace in Acebo.

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Clean rivers and natural swimming pools make up the beautiful landscape and invite one to swim in the summer in an area that has mild temperatures for most of the year. From the heights of the mountains the landscape is unforgettable, one can even "Belen vera raya dating" the neighbouring regions.

This is also an important refuge for the Iberian lynx. Autumn brings contrasts of reds and browns in the abundant forests where Boletus Edulis and other varieties of wild mushroom are very common. The popular buildings made of slate are common in most villages, and there are abundant tiny villages where the brown colour of Belen vera raya dating buildings contrasts with the green of the surrounding pine trees and the incredible colour of the flora.

From Villanueva de la Sierra, southern gateway to the area of Hurdes, we can start our route on the Ex — road, which goes from the town of Coria to the region of Salamanca. Ex — will take us to the main villages of Las Hurdes, where we can visit the nearby small villages right in the hills of the area. The first village to visit will be Ovejuela, a few kilometres away from Villanueva de la Sierra, which you can reach on Ex —. This route will take us through very beautiful mountains where Robledo, Muela and Avellanar, with an important and attractive natural swimming pool.

Ovejuela is surrounded by beautiful landscape, Belen vera raya dating rivers and clear natural swimming pools, abundant in oak trees, pine trees, chestnuts and ferns. To the north of the region there are three other quiet and beautiful little villages: This was an ancient fortress in prehistoric times. If we continue up a little we can reach the last of the villages: Aldehuela, where the road ends.

Here one can see one of the best displays of popular architecture of Hurdes. If we go back down to the Ex — road, we can reach Caminomorisco, important village in the area, its popular architecture, with an abundance of wooden balconies and overhanging eaves, is of the best of Hurdes.

On this path, at the outskirts of Caminomorisco, is a. The typical wood frame and adobe and the slate constructions of Las Hurdes are magnificently displayed in the nearby village of Casar del Palomero, where in the past there lived together the three great cultures of the peninsula: Jews, Arabs and Christians, who still have their typical quarters in the village. There are two interesting parish churches in Casar de Palomero, both from the 18th century: An important village to visit, dependent on Caminomorisco, is Cambroncino, with the most important religious building in all of Las Hurdes: Eleven tiny villages depend administratively on this one.

Near Casar de Hurdes is Riomalo de Arriba, which still preserves most of its typical houses built with large sheets of black and grey slate. The same as Ladrillar, which seems to melt into the surrounding countryside as one. The way the houses are placed together gives a special aspect to its sinuous streets. A few kilometres away, on the road to Las Mestas, we will pass by the Convent of Las Batuecas, surrounded by woodland and. Nearby is the religious centre of Cotolengo, real natural balcony of the area.

From Belen vera raya dating Gasco, in half an hour, you can reach the famous chorro de la Minacera spring, the highest in Las Hurdes. Casarrubia, Huetre, Cabezo, Robledo and Carabusino, are the villages near Casar de Hurdes on the road, which takes us there from Belen vera raya dating.

Close by is the beautiful birthplace of the river Hurdano and the peaks of Rayado and Bordoya. Las Mestas is famous in the whole of Spain for its honey and pollen. Located in incomparably beautiful landscape, a few kilometres off the Ex — road, which will take us to the last village on the route: The olive oil from Las Hurdes is highly appreciated both inside and Belen vera raya dating of the region.

The dishes of beans and stews with roasts are famous in Las Hurdes. The roast kid is especially good in Riomalo de Abajo and Caminomorisco. There is also a production of magnificent Belen vera raya dating cheeses all. The famous castanets of Fragosa, Casares de las Hurdes and Cerezal, as well as the making and carving of chairs.

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