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Military mailas opposed to civilian mail, refers to the postal services provided by armed forces that allow serving members to send and receive mail.

Military mail systems are often subsidized to ensure that military mail does not cost the sender any more than normal domestic mail. In some cases, military personnel in a combat zone may post letters and packages to their home country for free.

Modern military mail services are provided by most armed forces around the world.

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In some nations, individual service branches may run their own military mail program. Early forms of military mail may go back to the dawn of civilization. There is some evidence of it dating back to Ancient Egypt of the 2nd millennium BC.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle make mention of messengers being sent by King Edward the Elder to recall members of the Kent fyrd[1] but it is generally regarded that the origins of the postal services stem from the King's Messengers Nuncii et Cursores of medieval times, in particular, the Royal Post established in the reign of King Edward IV —83 to support his troops engaged in a war against Scotland.

In Parliament granted the penny postage concession to soldiers and sailors of the British Army and Royal Navy.

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Two Sergeant Postmasters were appointed to work with Reynolds. After complaints about the mail services to the British troops Apo fpo military only dating in the Crimean War —56 the Postmaster General authorised the secondment of GPO staff to organise and distribute mail in the theatre of war.

A regular seaborne mail service was established between Varna and Constantinople. In response to demands made by Florence Nightingalea method of transmitting money was devised to allow troops to transfer monies back to their families at home in the United Kingdom. This was designed to prevent drunkenness and became the world's first International Money Order Service.

The military postal experience of the Crimea and the lessons learnt from the Indian Army encouraged the British Army to Apo fpo military only dating review the arrangements for the provision of a postal service to the troops in the field. There were two opinions; firstly, that the Army run its own services as in the Peninsular War. Secondly, that civilians from the Post Office be responsible for the service as in the Crimean and Indian Army example.

The provision of a mail service to soldiers remained an ad hoc affair until In a rebellion broke out in Egypt which threatened Britain's passage to India through Suez.

Mails from Britain were despatched three times a week via the 'overland route' through France to Alexandria. The Army Post Offices offered a letter and parcel service and sold stamps and postal orders. In addition to the mail services, a free parcel service from the naval docks at Deptford was also set Apo fpo military only dating. These parcels travelled by government store ships and transports.

The Expedition was a success and set the basis for the institution of military mail, both in England and around the world.

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The unit received high praise from the commander-in-chief, who wrote:. Apo fpo military only dating mission of BFPO is to " The Bundeswehr 's military mail system is known in German as Feldpost ; all mail to or from missions abroad is sent to Darmstadt near Frankfurt am Mainwhere outbound mail is sent via land or air to the Bundeswehr's overseas stations, and inbound mail is dispatched to German domestic addresses, or to foreign destinations.

These include KosovoBosniaand Afghanistan. Feldpost addresses consist of the word "Feldpost" and a four-digit number beginning with "64" followed by two additional digits denoting Apo fpo military only dating specific mission e.

Postal rates for the Feldpost are the same as domestic German postal rates. The Feldpost offers the same service to its customers as the Deutsche Post does within Germany. Largely based on the system followed by the British Indian Army in the 19th century, the Indian Military provides the services of the Army Postal Service Corps which handles the mails for the three defence forces ArmyNavyAir Force.

Soldiers are also not allowed to send mails from regular civil Post Offices even if their area of duty has such facilities. For more information, visit the APSC website. The individual military services ArmyMarine CorpsNavyCoast GuardAir Force are each, themselves, responsible for the costs, manpower, and facilities of mail that travels through their own department. This is why the military services maintains command and control over all military postal assets, both in the United States and abroad.

The MPS also supports mail delivery for U. Most USPS extra services, such as Certified Mail, registered mail, delivery confirmation, insured mail, certificate of mailing, return receipt, restricted delivery and return receipt for merchandise are available to the MPS. Military postage rates are equivalent to U. The postage paid on mail to and from MPOs only covers the cost of transporting the mail within the U.

All military mail between the U. The city abbreviation is DPO. As of March there are sixteen U. The other approximately ninety overseas U. Military mail was subjected to censorship when it was the primary means for deployed Apo fpo military only dating to communicate with their families.

The following text was printed on the message non-address side of standardized postcard "Subron 4 Standard Form No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. History of the British Army postal service.

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