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Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn


When were these pics taken? Haven't the doc crew been following them all this week? So is this what we're in for on their stupid documentary? Heather has resurrected on twitter and even included PJ in her latest tweet.

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Lets see if PJ responses. The pics were taken August 17, last Saturday, at a concert in Detroit. Tessa, meanwhile, celebrated a friend's birthday, apparently spoke with Ryan Pyette and then the documentary crew followed them for the week. Oh and according to a tweet, Scott bought a truck the next day. I guess Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn needs it for future tailgating parties. Is there a source for Tessa celebrating a birthday with a friend?

I must have missed it. Her friend posted a few pics on Instagram from the evening and Tessa was in one of them but in the background and clearly just there to celebrate with her friends. I doubt that the point of the photo was to say, "Look! Although the more I think about it, the more I think this is the new sham for Tessa.

Instead of getting a new boyfriend, something that Scott "Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn" can't stomach, she gets photographed with her friends. The weekend that Scott supposedly went to Chicago, she was with her friends at a music festival. This many candid photographs of Tessa Virtue haven't existed in public for years. And yet, as has been noted many times, no candid photos of Scott and Tessa and public and professional events even when he was on social media.

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As you've said, OC, those photos ain't gonna appear unless someone pays up! Yeah, hi, Steve Milton? Are you available for the follow-up book? There's four years of this shit stored up! I'm still obviously processing this as well, but I also feel terrible for that poor child.

The lack of respect for fans is one thing. I have several young family members who are slightly younger and slightly older than Toddler Moir. I cannot fathom participating in something like this that would be so disrespectful to those sweet, innocent kids. They don't respect Toddler Moir any more than they respect Scott.

It's because they don't recognize any distinction between Toddler Moir's interests, or Scott's interests, and their own interest. What I find objectionable is that Scott's ground zero is Tessa.

Are Tessa Virtue amp Scott...

He could sham it up to high heaven but when he opened his mouth what came out of it was Tessa. He could never utter a syllable that pretended Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn was less to him than she is.

Some of this sham shit is there because it helps create a boundary for Tessa. Where is his bottom line with his child? Is that a deferred maintenance thing? How is he even capable of these photos and their comments knowing his child will come across them?

I don't care how the child is prepared, this is unnecessary.

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