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Shakey graves and esme patterson dating


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This has been absolutely wonderful y'all! After three hours Ive got to go eat some food and drink a booze, but thank you for the honest and amazing questions.

Ill try and jump back on later and answer some late comers.

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I have so much gratitude for all of your support, especially those of you who bought the album or are trying to make it out to a show over the next few months. This isn't a question as much as a statement. The first time I heard your music it was Built to Roam I heard it on a train traveling across Canada. The person across from me was sound asleep and their headphones had fallen Shakey graves and esme patterson dating of their ears and onto the ground, so I picked them up and being on a VERY long train ride; I was curious.

So I put them on and your song was playing. I shazamed it with my phone and now here I am, been a fan ever since.

Shakey Graves is an American...

Cheers and great work with the new record! Its a girl thats big enough to fill a hat and fast enough to catch a squirrel. Its a girl that smells like books but cant read. Its me dream gal.

Probably that she's got a personality that oozes fascination with everything around her, but she doesn't focus on being academic about it. So he can write down everything he doesn't like about her, give it to her, and tell her it's a love letter. Dying to find a slowed-down version of Feel Good, Smell Good somewhere in the archives of the internet. Heard you encore it at the Tractor in August and it was much more swoonful than I've been able to find it online!

Thanks for a memorable show. A live playlist for those not yet familiar with Shakey's work. Stream of the new album on Bandcamp. We found you a bass player. Last time you dropped by you recommended Crooked Cowboy. I was wondering what other new and interesting artists you've discovered while stomping Shakey graves and esme patterson dating over America these last couple of years. Good luck on Conan next week.

Will Wild Card and Late July ever make their way on to a record? Love the new album.

Welcome to Reddit,

I just checked the schedule for the tour with Esme Patterson and was bummed to not see a C-Bus date. I guess I'm driving to Milwaukee or Madison.