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Can nfl cheerleaders dating players from other teams


In theory, being a professional cheerleader for the NFL seems like the most glamorous jobs on the planet, aside from being a Reese Witherspoon or one of those travel bloggers. The cheerleader uniforms are bomb. You get to make friends with a whole squad full of girls. Yes, being an NFL cheerleader means your face is sometimes on prime time television watched my millions of fans.

It sucks a lot. Cheerleaders for the NFL may be beautiful, athletic, and semi-famous, but they jump through a lot of hoops. There may even be more rules for the Can nfl cheerleaders dating players from other teams cheerleaders than there are for the actual players.

The cheerleaders must meet strict standards in terms of their physical appearance. And we're not just talking standards like 'look pretty' or look like a contestant on The Bachelor. The standards for their physical appearance can dictate everything down to their nail polish color. There are consequences in the form of fines, suspensions, or being cut form the team when the cheerleaders don't meet these strict standards.

On top of that, their personal lives and social media accounts are always being monitored. Think NFL cheerleaders are safe while having drinks with a friend on a Friday night? No one is Can nfl cheerleaders dating players from other teams that the cheerleaders should be given million dollar contracts like the players, but the cheerleaders should be properly compensated for the standards to which they are held.

Below are the most shocking rules for NFL cheerleaders that truly highlight the unjust measurements these women are subjected to for their job. And yeah, you're totally going to love your boring office job a little bit more after reading through these. On top of that, no cheerleader may wear leggings underneath said form-fitting shorts.