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What is the safest social media app


Have you guys heard about tbh?

What is the safest social media app Not the acronym—which stands for "to be honest"—but the hot new poll-taking app? Two weeks ago, this thing hit the number one spot in the iTunes store thanks to its popularity among teens and tweens, and to the fact that it's been billed by various media outlets as the "nice" app. Think of it like the superlative section in your high school yearbook, where users vote in a series of polls on things like which one of their friends makes them laugh the hardest, which one they're most likely to still be in touch with in 10 years, and which one is most likely to end up on SNL.

Seems pretty harmless, right? And yes, the app is currently getting tons of props for giving kids a more positive experience than its predecessors, thanks to strict monitoring that keeps all questions from veering into negative or hurtful territory. We couldn't agree more.

After all, the key to...

But kids are still kids. And so plenty of them are screenshotting the anonymous affirmations and then posting them on Instagram and Snapchat as a way to establish social status.

"Best of" Lists

So Chad Simmons gets an alert that "a girl from 10th grade" chose him for best smile. You go, Chad Simmons! I mean, winning this thing probably makes him feel pretty good, right?

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