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Fair offers a forward-thinking alternative to traditional car ownership with an app that lets you shop, get approved and pay for your next car — all on your phone.

Renting is a short-term solution. Most leases lock you in for 36 months, while the typical loan lasts 5 to 7 years. What if you want a car for more than a couple months, but aren't ready for a long-term commitment? That's where Fair fits in. Our flexible model was made to handle all the twists and turns that life throws your way. You make a one-time Start Payment per car, followed by a low monthly payment for as long as you keep it, with the freedom to walk away at any time.

Down app faq

Fair lets you choose from over 30 different brands. They're all high-quality, pre-owned and certified pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. Many cars are nearly new, but they're "Down app faq" less than six years old with fewer than 70, miles.

Every Fair car comes from a top dealership near you. Once you sign for a car in the app, our Fair Concierge Team helps you coordinate delivery or pickup.

To keep monthly payments low without locking you in to a long-term contract, every car you get through Fair requires a Start Payment. It's an upfront fee, based on the value of each vehicle and due at signing Down app faq drive away.

Fair's 3-Day No Risk Return policy gives you up to 3 days and miles after signing to bring your car back for a full refund of your Start Payment, as long as the vehicle is in good condition. Beyond 3 days or miles, your Start Payment becomes non-refundable. After you scan your ID in the app, we do a "soft" credit check and run some data analytics to determine eligibility and a range of monthly payments that could work for you.

Fair "Down app faq" not a bank. We're not lending you any money.

We're simply checking your ability to make your payment each month. Unlike a traditional lease, Fair doesn't bill you in advance.

So your first monthly payment won't be due until 30 days after taking possession of your car. After returning your car, your final monthly payment is pro-rated to reflect "Down app faq" number of days you've had the car since the last billing cycle closed.

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Remember, Fair doesn't bill you in advance. At return, you'll still need to make a final, pro-rated monthly payment.

Preview Mode shows estimated monthly payments. Once you create an account and get pre-qualified, we'll have the info we need to show you all cars you're pre-qualified for with "Down app faq" pricing. The Fair app is designed to securely manage your account.

You can set up AutoPay — and view all of your vehicle Down app faq — right on your phone. Yes, you are responsible for properly maintaining your car. But with routine maintenance included, oil and filter changes, tire rotations and multi-point inspections are covered.

Your privacy and the security of your data is important to you, and us.

That's why Fair uses bank-level encryption to protect your identity and keep your "Down app faq" information safe.

Every Fair car comes with a limited warranty, routine maintenance and roadside assistance included. Add optional Fair insurance or extra wear-and-tear protection at checkout and bundle it all into one simple, transparent monthly payment.

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