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Omsk girls


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CuteOnly: Nice Girls from Russia...

Next weekend, on Omsk girls and 26 October, the yearly Parcours Modo will take place again. Essentiel has a special collaboration in petto this time: Read our interviews with both!

Omsk: General Information

Strong prints and embroideries, structured and straightforward cuts are the essence of OMSK collections. The imagery used in OMSK collections is linked to the heritage of russian Omsk girls and culture, confronted with every day western influences. Each collection is a journey to a new destination, an imaginary exploration of a city, travel as a metaphor for cultural diversity and the wandering of the Omsk girls.

What is the concept behind the brand? We decided to focus more on quality and a more "clean" image without losing the OMSK DNA which is travel and Russian history and culture, all "Omsk girls" this with a touch of humour. We are now focusing on our stronger pieces and OMSK bestsellers such as sweaters, trousers and t-shirts. We want to project a smart looking young-woman-in-the-city: How important is Russia in your work?

What inspiration source does it represent? Omsk is a city in Siberia where Valeria's father was born. The Russian connection can be felt Omsk girls the name of the brand already. The idea is that for every collection we take a different city as inspiration. One will find many references to the city in the embroideries and prints. Russian culture has always strongly been connected with heritage: We also like to use elements from traditional folklore but we try and make it "cool" and modern.

We aim to represent a mix of modern culture and heritage with a strong urban undertone. In what sense do Omsk girls feel that Essentiel and OMSK are related when it comes to brand image and in what sense are they different?

How do you see cohesion between the two during Parcous Modo? We think that our starting point is very similar: I think Essentiel doesn't have a conventional Belgian feel in the sense that it's all about fresh style, graphics, color, being daring and bold! Essentiel is a mix of casual and chic, just like OMSK. We also focus on our online shop and "Omsk girls" to customers all over the world for five years Omsk girls.

Omsk Russian Women - Browse...

We all have to move with the times and open our borders! The difference is that OMSK color Omsk girls and monochrome silhouettes are more minimalistic and abstract compared to Essentiel. Also in OMSK the theme of the collection is very "Omsk girls" and practically every artwork has a story behind it. Of course, we are very curious about our shop window that you will transform into your own thing during Parcours Modo!

One window display will have a more historical feel and the Omsk girls one a more fictional feel. OMSK sweaters and trousers mixed with Essentiel accessories and skirts. We hope all of your fans will like it!

They are known in the french part of Belgium and abroad. It's great because we always wanted to do something together and now is the perfect opportunity! Working together Omsk girls Essentiel is really fab and hopefully a successful experiment for Parcours Modo!

From the onset, Charlotte and David explored, with passion, the Omsk girls offered by electronic music, and sought to express a contrast, a collision of sounds, and feelings springing from their separate particular universes.

In their songs, obscurity is mixed with tenderness, and violence with fragility. This enables us look into their private lives through personal stories, and makes us want to find out more. You Omsk girls almost 10 years now, calls for a celebration? We Omsk girls a long time ago when David and I met in a bar, and now ten years later, a lot of touring and 3 albums out, we're still here.

We keep on working on our sound, I feel like we've learned a lot about who we are, and our sound is becoming more and more our own identity.

Meet new people in Omsk

It is great to be able to travel and discover new music scenes in other countries. They have a very different way of working over there.

We also wrote the "Omsk girls" of a movie feature film called PuppyLove which will come out next spring, and the whole soundtrack will come out as an album too. So I'm quite excited about that, cause the songs we wrote for the movie are very different from our albums. We followed the director's Omsk girls, so it led us to path we had never taken before! It was very inspiring.