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Being a mature christian


We want to be fruitful, so that when we meet the Lord we will hear Matt.

But since Paul elsewhere 1 Cor. We all should aim at becoming mature in Christ as defined by the Bible. And we should help others grow to spiritual maturity also. How do we do that? Being a mature christian present every person mature in Christ, proclaim Him and work hard according to His power. The goal is maturity in Christ. The means to that goal is proclaiming Christ and working hard as we depend on His power. Being a mature christian wanted to present the church as holy and blameless and beyond Being a mature christian to Christ as His bride at His second coming Col.

What does this entail? My seminary professor, Dr. But the Lord wants all of His disciples to help in the cause of making other disciples. You may Being a mature christian a good example to them of someone who is growing in Christ, or you may be a poor example. But you are an example! You cannot impart what you do not possess! To describe this, we could go through the entire Bible cataloging all the character traits and behaviors that are commanded and exemplified in the lives of godly saints.

But the supreme example is Jesus Christ. He said that the two greatest commandments are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves Mark. These are relational commands. You can measure how mature in Christ you are by assessing your relationships with God and with others. Love for God is more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling that you may get when you sit in a church service or listen to Christian music.

Love for God, like love for any person, begins at a point in time when you enter a personal relationship with Him. God is holy and cannot fellowship with any who are in their sins. But like all relationships, you have to spend time together if you want to grow in that relationship.

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