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Morgan summers miss nude


This was to be my last major event I'd cover with my camera in the U.

Morgan summers miss nude, Nudes-A-Poppin's annual nude outdoor beauty pageant is also what I consider to be the finest single adult event in the country. The most prestigious trophies are nearly six feet tall. But no matter what trophy a girl wins, her prize is highly esteemed among the people in the know in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Let's put this in perspective. If you go to many other pageants such as Miss Texas or Miss Kansas, expect to find anywhere from to spectators watching the event which is in almost all cases held indoors. So if you are an entertainer wanting to become known, where do you want to go? Also bear in mind that one normally pays an entry fee to be in Morgan summers miss nude of these other pageants whereas at Nudes-A-Poppin there is none.

And who is going to have the best chance at winning--the local girls when the judges are typically chosen from the local area and the audience being local is going to tend to cheer the loudest for the local dancer or the entertainer who's just traveled hundreds of miles to compete from another Morgan summers miss nude And which pageant is going to attract the most photographers and magazine writers from all over the U.

Within 18 months Morgan Summers...

Obviously the biggest and most highly regarded competition is going to draw the most industry professionals who can get a girl into a magazine or prominent web site. And Nudes-A-Poppin which is held at the Ponderosa Sun Club, a nudist retreat situated on 80 acres of Indiana farmland is simply the biggest and best there is. By a country mile.

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And speaking of farmland and corn patches, it is because Nudes-A-Poppin is held out in the hinterlands of country America that gives the Nudes-A-Poppin its unique charm that no other adult event can begin to match. Just imagine the spectacle of over a hundred nude entertainers along Morgan summers miss nude a number of nudists running around what had formerly been an Indiana corn field. There are walls around the Ponderosa Sun Club.

And inside these walls is a large well appointed swimming pool where one has to swim fully nude with no exceptions.

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