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The Agreement which follows establishes the mutual relationship that will exist between us. Either of us can break our ties at any time though some obligations will go on after this Agreement Xsocial loginbut our Agreement here establishes the legal rights and responsibilities we, together, will have in regard to each other while our relationship continues - and afterwards. What follows is a contract, and so you should read each of its provisions carefully so that you understand them.

In order Xsocial login post here, you have to enter into the following "Terms of Service" Agreement with us. By clicking the button below that says, "Yes! I accept the Terms of Service and enter into this Agreement" and also when you communicate with other Members, or when you establish a profile in which you can upload "Xsocial login," statements, or photographs, you enter into Xsocial login Agreement.

Xsocial login can't change the Terms of Service or alter them in any way or only agree to some of the provisions.

If you don't want "Xsocial login" agree to the Terms of Service, you should use your browser "back" button or exit from this site by clicking this link here and proceed out of this website. COM, including, but not limited to using any of its Services, is limited to persons who have read and who have accepted the Agreement which follows - and only to persons legally competent to enter into contracts.

Permission for access is denied to all other persons by its owners and operators. COM's Services amounts to the crime of computer trespass or computer intrusion under the laws of one or more jurisdictions.

If you are a minor and proceed to click and accept, you do Xsocial login a trespasser, subject Xsocial login criminal penalty. Please wait until you are 18 years of age or older, and then come back to join.

If you are under the age of 18, please click this link here. COM a business name of eXtra Dimensions Limited, a Guernsey corporation also sometimes called "we" and "us" in this Agreementand "you"a Member in the program administered by us, for good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by you and by XSOCIAL. COM ; Together, you and we are the "parties"; You become a Member by entering into this Agreement; the other persons who do so are "Members"too.

Xsocial login relationship with us and that of other Members is called a "Membership" in this Agreement. You will have expressed your assent, consent, and agreement to all of the terms of this Agreement Xsocial login clicking on the link below "Yes! I accept the Terms of Service and enter into this Agreement". COM and you accept these Xsocial login completely and agree to be bound by them. This Agreement is subject to change by us at any time through a procedure calculated and designed to inform you of the change: If we decide to change this Agreement, when we do so we will send you a notification of each change at the email address identified in your profile.

We will also post the changes on the web page at this address: You agree that this is a reasonable procedure that will reasonably and effectively communicate notices of Agreement changes to you. You also agree that, should you determine to discontinue the use of the email address that you provided to us at the time of registration, substituting another email address, you will update your registration information with us by changing it to reflect the newly intended email address and by deleting the former email address, before you cease monitoring messages in the former email account, insuring that our emails will always be sent Xsocial login your active, current, monitored email address.

COM after we have transmitted an email to you in this manner and we have posted it to the page whose URL is set forth above, you thereby give your agreement and consent to the Agreement as it has been changed, regardless of whether you actually read or received the email notifying you of the change or Xsocial login you actually did or did not read the changes posted, and those changes will become effective to modify this Agreement forty-eight 48 hours after we transmitted such an email to you.

This Agreement remains in force and effect until or unless it is changed in accordance with the terms of this Paragraph or is otherwise terminated under the terms of this Xsocial login. Some of your obligations to us under this Agreement or any successor Agreement survive any change or termination of this Agreement or the termination of your Membership for any reason.

We promise you the following, while you are a Member, subject to all of the terms of this Agreement that:.

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We will provide you with a Service that enables you to post photographs and personal profile information about you for the evaluation or enticement of our other Members, and which will enable other registered Members to contact you and you to contact them by instant message or email, and for all of our Members to search for one another, all by means of our servers and proprietary software. Xsocial login this Agreement, "Service" and "Services" are used interchangeably to mean these same things or any of them.

COM is intended and operated only for purposes of entertainment and fun and for no other purpose or purposes. We have created and operate what we think to be the best platform in existence to encourage and facilitate the process Xsocial login bringing people together online.

We hope that you meet other people you like through our Services — Xsocial login that they like you, too. If you'd like to flirt or get in touch with other Members, we hope that you get to do that, too. But we do not guarantee that you will ever meet, chat, converse, or Xsocial login with, or exchange any information with any other person.

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We cannot guarantee and do not promise any specific results from use of the Services. We aim to entertain and amuse you — and Xsocial login order to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend with us, we will employ technical means to engage you in the simulation of flirting with and discovering other attractive people. If we do it well, you may never be able to tell that we are doing it or know when it Xsocial login. This is more fully explained in Section I.

COM in a reasonable way under procedures that enhance your enjoyment and the benefit that you will receive from our Services, to protect your autonomy, expression, freedom of choice access, and security in ways that seem reasonable Xsocial login us in our sole discretion and to endeavor Xsocial login accomplish these things in the manners particularly described in this Agreement.

COM and its Services as we see fit, to terminate or modify any or all of its Services, to terminate your Membership or that of anyone Xsocial login, or even to terminate this site or any Service or any part of any Service at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without prior notice to you or Xsocial login else, as we choose, in our sole discretion. Our choices will always balance competing interests and values, including our own, and our decisions may not satisfy everyone nor perfectly nor even approximately accomplish any particular goal mentioned in this Paragraph.

COM by doing what we think is the right thing and you agree to accept our services exclusively on that basis. We will answer your questions within a reasonable Xsocial login about these "Terms of Service" and the way our Service operates. We may decline to answer questions about proprietary information or trade secrets in the operation of our site or for any other business reason.

We will design and implement reasonable measures calculated to assure your reasonable but severely attenuated and diminished expectation of privacy in the context of a Service which, by its very nature, attracts public attention to your appearance and profile, puts you in contact with strangers, and which depends on advertising and promotion Xsocial login other, independent entities for commercial viability.

You will be able to post your Xsocial login, personal profile, and comments, and engage in instant chat with other persons in line with our Member Privacy, Security and Information Usage Policy, Section D. When we change this Agreement, we will send you an email advising you of Xsocial login change and post the changes, as more fully explained in the controlling provisions above, in Section A.

Our liability to you concerning any of these obligations and any duty which we might owe to you are limited by the disclaimers of liability and other provisions contained in this Agreement. The following language conveniently summarizes many of your obligations to us. Some or most of the obligations described in this Part C. Neither that a duty described elsewhere is omitted in this Part C. You promise and represent to us all of the following, subject to all of the terms of this Agreement.

You are at least 18 years old at the present time. You agree that when you register with us, you will honestly and accurately enter the true date and year of your birth. You also agree that all of the other information you provide us for any purpose at any time will be truthful, accurate, and complete, as provided Xsocial login in Paragraph 9. You acknowledge that you have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement, so that you are able to give your legal consent Xsocial login this Agreement according to any laws applicable in your jurisdiction of residence.

COM, including, but not limited to, any parental control protection measures on any possible device a minor could have access to. If you should apprehend that a Xsocial login uses the services, you agree to immediately inform us. COM regarding any unauthorized use of the services by a person under the age of You agree to keep your email address registered with us current and to monitor your incoming email every day.

You agree to read the email messages we send you. If they announce a change or modification Xsocial login these and you Xsocial login not wish to agree to them, you agree that you must immediately cancel your Membership in the manner provided for in this Agreement and that you will nevertheless be bound by those changes or Xsocial login should you fail to immediately cancel your membership.

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You agree to click on the Terms of Service link located on our homepage to check for changes or modifications in these Terms of Service at least as frequently as you use any of "Xsocial login" Services offered by us. You agree to read the provisions of this Agreement and to ensure that your conduct conforms to the rules and obligations set forth in them in every respect, at all times.

You agree not to do any of the things that this Agreement prohibits. You agree to seek amplification or explanation from Xsocial login in regard to any term, wording, or provision that you do not understand or which seems confusing or vague to you and to accept our explanation or interpretation, in our sole discretion, as authoritative, final, and controlling, You understand that more detailed Registration Rules Section E.

Member Standards of Conduct Section F.

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Xsocial login You agree to obey the laws of every jurisdiction, national, state or provincial, and local that has authority over you in your use of our Services. You agree that you will not use the Services to infringe or violate the rights of or to intimidate, harass, Xsocial login bully any Member or any other person at allnor to violate our rights, nor do any of these things in any place or manner outside our "Xsocial login" with information or other things that you obtained using our Services.

You agree that, in using our Services, you will at all times Xsocial login reasonably and in good faith, and that you will not unreasonably burden or afflict or inconvenience the use of the Services by any Member or us. Important details concerning your obligations are contained in this Agreement under Member Standards of Conduct.

You warrant to comply with any applicable export control laws.


Department of the Treasury. You agree that, in using our Services, you will accept sole and exclusive liability for Xsocial login consequences of your own conduct in violation of this Agreement or in violation of the legal rights of any person, or in violation of the law.

You understand that this Agreement contains many provisions regarding your own liability for your conduct, your complete waiver of any claim against us, and your indemnification of us should any aspect of your conduct give rise to a claim against us; each is important for you to understand in this regard. You agree that Xsocial login a Member, you are using our Services for your own purposes and that the relationship between you and us is not a joint venture or partnership nor an employment or agency relationship.

We simply provide Services to you under this Agreement. You are not authorized to do anything at all on our behalf nor to tell or otherwise communicate anything to the Xsocial login to any person under Xsocial login circumstances.

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