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Women in Switzerland are women who live in and are from Switzerland. The legal and social role of Swiss women has evolved significantly from the midth century onwards. Tradition dictates that the place of Swiss women is in the home in charge of housework and child care.

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Being in a society with strong patriarchal roots, Swiss tradition also places women under the authority of their fathers and their husbands. Prominent Swiss women in the fields of business and law include Emilie Kempin-Spyri —the first woman to graduate with a law degree and to be accepted as an academic lecturer in the country, [5] and Isabelle Weltonthe head of IBM Switzerland and one of few women in the country who are holding top-level positions in business firms.

Women obtained the right to vote in national elections in Family life has been traditionally conservative, following the Swiss women of a male breadwinner and a female housewife. In Europe, Switzerland was one of the last countries to Swiss women gender equality in marriage: Inthe law was changed to end discrimination against married Swiss women with regard to national citizenship.

Until the late 20th century, most cantons had regulations banning unmarried cohabitation of couples. The last canton to end such prohibition was Valaisin Women face significant struggles with regards to work for pay. The view that women, especially married women, should not work full-time remains prevalent. Taxation penalizing dual-income families exists in some cantons. The OECD has stated that "The lack of family-friendly policy and workplace support makes it very difficult for many Swiss parents, usually mothers, to combine work and family life".

Four previous attempts to secure it had previously failed at the ballot box. As in other Swiss women countries, the s Swiss women the 21st century saw reforms with Swiss women to laws on domestic violence. Marital rape was made illegal inand since marital rape is prosecutable ex-officio meaning it can be prosecuted even if the wife doesn't complain.

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The maternal mortality rate in Switzerland is 8. Abortion is legal during the first trimesterupon condition of counseling, Swiss women women who state that they are in distress ; and at later stages for medical reasons.

InThe New York Times reported that women became the majority within the Swiss women government, with 6 women holding ministerial positions. The Federal Administration of Switzerland regularly uses three languages: An article by Daniel Elmiger [32] states that, "the new Federal Language Law Sprachengesetz, Loi sur les langues, Legge sulle lingue, Lescha da linguas adopted in demands that official language use [for official texts] must be adequate, clear and intelligible as well as non-sexist.

Non-sexist language has been required in the German section of the Federal Chancellery for about 15 years, whereas the French and Italian sections have shown little interest in modifying their use of language, sticking to a more traditional language use in which masculine terms are used both specifically as well as generically.

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United Nations Development Programme. Retrieved 7 November Women still climbing to the top in businessswissinfo. Although it is not too common to see women at the very top end of the management strata, the 'glass ceiling' is being slowly dismantled.

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