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Tinder hookup rules


Rules for tinder hookups self. Let me just tell why me and my bud decided to inform our fellow Tinder hookup rules, it all started when a girl that I had been working on for a few hours asked if she and her sister could swing by and have some drinks with us, she looked cute on her pictures so I guess that her sister would look decent too and that me and my bud would get some.

So they came and as soon as I layed my eyes on her I saw that she was a freaking whale, and you "Tinder hookup rules" tell that by her pictures Rule no 1 she didn't have a full body picture. So the evening went on and I took the drinking to a whole new level because she was so disqusting so I had to black out to not be rude my Tinder hookup rules raised me well. Long story short, the night didn't go as we would have hoped because we didn't have these rules to guide us, so guys take advantage of our mistake and make the rest of us men proud.

The online dating field have been ruled by people of the female persuasion way to long, it is our turn, we have cracked the code.

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Always ask for a full body picture unless she already has one in her bio. THIS RULE is probably the most important one because when it comes to dating, specially on Tinder all the girls become sneaky as hell, so be aware and always have in mind that no one is perfect.

Internet dating have their sets of rules to engage by and it takes a certain amount of procaution. Never tell a female that she looks good within the first 72 hours, Tinder hookup rules move will trick her to believe that you have an higher agenda for her and that you actually want to get to know her even though thats not true because we men join these sites because we want to get laid, with no strings attached.

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Always when you meet a new girl that you want to smash for the first time, start the convo with " damn you were more beautiful than I thought" this phrase will trick her to believe that you were pleased with her looks and we all know that most of the girls on these sites are insecure and if they werent they Tinder hookup rules be on these sites because they wouldnt need to. Make her laugh, this can change the outcome of the entire evening, think like this!

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Do not pull the old " I will call you" move, tell her to Tinder hookup rules you before she leaves because if you do that she will think that the ball is in her hands even thought you have secretly intercepted and are running for the end zone.

The other dude here, I Tinder hookup rules a bit better luck and got the hot sister and needless to say, I got laid that night. If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension TamperMonkey for Chrome or GreaseMonkey for Firefox and add this open source script.

How do you screw up rule number 1.

Other than that, this checks out well. I'm sure some people will think this comes off a little cocky, but it's good stuff.

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Want to add to the discussion? OP fixed the mistake but it was fun while it lasted.

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